Make Your Mark!

Hundreds of us signed a beam that’s now in place above what will be the main entrance. Soon you’ll have another opportunity to make your mark on our new building. On September 10th you are invited to sign the main floor of the new Sanctuary after the 8:30 and 11:00 AM services. Besides signing the floor, you’ll get a great sense of how wonderful our new sanctuary will be when it’s complete. And we are still expecting it to be completed in time for Easter services in 2018.

Construction Update

We’ve made great progress over the summer. Take a look at where we are right now, but know all dates are subject to normal weather and construction delays.

Steel erection:  Complete!

Brick work:  Underway, complete by December

Steeple: Ordered. Arrives and is erected in October

Sanctuary ceiling:  Underway, complete by November

Interior finishing:  Starting in November, complete by February 2018

Pews installed:  February 2018

First Service:  March 2018

Memorials Update

Generous donors have gone above their initial REACH commitments to fully fund our new stained glass windows. The greatest need now is the Organ Fund. Soon you’ll be hearing more about the wonderful state-of-the-art organ we’re installing and how you can help make it a reality. Opportunities are also available to fund pews and provide Bibles and hymnals for those pews.

Financial Update

We are now well into the most capital intensive portion of our project, so it’s crucial that you remain faithful in fulfilling your pledge. Some donors have completed their pledges early, but sadly many donors have not yet started to fund their pledge. Please stay current, or let the REACH team know if you need to adjust the amount or the timing of your pledge. Remember, it’s not too late to make a pledge or a one-time gift. Forms are located in the registration pads and also in the church office.

Beam Us Up

Our new building is starting to take shape as the first steel beams are being erected. With the start of this phase of the project, we can begin to be more confident in a final completion date.

The bottom line is that we hope to celebrate next Easter in our new Sanctuary.

Here are the major phases of the project and the anticipated time frame for completion—all subject to normal weather and construction delays.

Steel erection: Underway now, complete by the end of June of 2017
Brick work: Starting in June, complete by October
Steeple erected: June
Sanctuary ceiling: Starting in June, complete by October
Interior finishing: Starting in October, complete by February of 2018
Pews installed: February of 2018
First Service: March of 2018

Memorials Update
The Memorials Committee will be visiting Sunday School classes and circulating a list of potential memorial gifts or honorariums ranging from helping complete the organ fund to endowing stained glass windows or pews and providing Bibles and hymnals for those pews.

Financial Update
The erection of the steel framework is not our only milestone. Giving to the Reach campaign has now crossed the $3 million threshold, more than halfway toward full pledged giving of $5 million! As we are now
into a very capital-intensive portion of our project, we need to ensure that everyone continues to be faithful in funding pledges. If you have not yet made a pledge, please know it’s not too late to be part of the next exciting chapter at Asbury. Pledge forms are located in the registration pads and are also available in the church office.

Now We’re Building Two New Sanctuaries!

The goodness of God and the generosity and giving spirit of Asbury are making great things possible. As you look out the window today you see tremendous progress being made in our expansion project. But you should also know about the second sanctuary being built with Asbury’s help.

Asbury has long supported the ministry of Wil Bailey, a missionary in Costa Rica. The building used for one of the churches he serves in an impoverished village has all but crumbled, and a new Sanctuary is desperately needed. Our Missions In Action (MIA) team is sending $14,000 to buy materials to build the building; church members will supply the labor. And in a remarkable show of faith and love, they are raising an additional $500-a huge sum given the poverty in which they live.

Since the early days of Asbury we have tithed to missions-a full ten percent of our non-designated giving goes to the MIA team to spread the love of Christ outside the walls of our church. How wonderful it is to know that as we erect a new facility to expand our ability to nurture the faith and expand our ministries at home, your giving has also made a similar miracle happen in Costa Rica.

Now for an update on our project. The athletic fields have been sodded and rolled, and with irrigation in place, they will provide a first class experience for Upward soccer and outdoor activities this fall.

You may also notice the hill behind the church is slowly disappearing. Dirt from the hill is being moved to fill in what will eventually be new parking on the side of the campus next to Doug Baker Boulevard. But first, that area will serve as the site for the construction trailers once site work is complete, hopefully by
October 1st-pray for good weather.

At that point, progress on the building itself will accelerate and become more visible. Foundation work will start for the new building in late fall and we should start erecting the steel skeleton for the new building sometime after the first of the year. We’re planning a memorable event to commemorate that milestone.

The amazing generosity of the Asbury family is making great things possible. As you see progress being made on the building, please remember that we are counting on the pledges you have made. The Reach campaign remains open and the level of new giving and pledges is a testament to the excitement we all feel. You can still become a part of this next chapter in Asbury’s growth-it’s not too late to become part of this exciting story.

If you feel called to direct funds to a specific need in our new building, the Memorials Committee has proposed a number of opportunities, ranging from an organ fund, which has already received substantial funding, to the large stained glass window, individual pews, or Bibles and hymnals. The Committee has shared a list of specific needs and information about them is available at the Information Desk near the Sanctuary and at the Information Table outside the Bridge service on the first floor.

What’s Next for Our Building Project?

OK—we’ve broken ground. Now members and visitors are already asking what’s next, and when.  Most of what’s going on right now is happening behind the scenes, but the first visible sign of progress was the disappearance of the trees between the church and Doug Baker Boulevard.  We have cleared those trees so that Alabama Power can move power lines to service the new building.

What’s not-so-visible is the hard work of a number of committees working to finalize the detailed plans for the building.  We have teams working on everything from completing detailed interior construction plans to choosing pews and finishes.  Part of this process involves making hard choices in prioritizing features and spaces.

As we set those priorities, we are committed to working within the budget determined by pledges and gifts to the Reach campaign.  Frankly, we are finding that some costs are exceeding initial budget expectations, and while we will work to maximize all available funds, we will also keep our fiscal house in order and will not exceed the promised debt level.  We can do more if we have greater resources available, so we are encouraging you to make a pledge or a gift if you haven’t done so already.  The Reach campaign remains open and we’ve had several significant gifts since we broke ground. You can still become a part of this next chapter in Asbury’s growth—it’s not too late to become part of this exciting story.

You might also consider making a Memorial Gift to a specific part of the building campaign.  Our Memorials Committee has proposed a list of specific items that people have mentioned as possibilities, and indicated an interest in funding, in whole or in part.  These opportunities range from an organ, to the large stained glass window to individual pews to Bibles and hymnals.  The Committee has made a list of items available at the Information Desk near the Sanctuary and at the Information Table outside the Bridge service on the first floor.  However, if you feel called to single out something that’s not on the list, but stirs your heart, Committee members will be pleased to discuss it with you.

As soon as Vacation Bible School is over, things will really get moving.  That’s when the creation of new athletic fields begin at the edge of our parking lot where it meets the woods along the entrance road off Highway 119.  You’ll also see the basic construction to prepare the main parking addition to serve as the location for construction trailers and equipment during construction.  We expect to see the first steel being erected later this fall.

There are new site plans on the video screens around Asbury, and they are also being shown prior to our worship service—they will help you visualize the new building and capture the sense of excitement about what our future holds for the Kingdom of God at Asbury.

The Amazing Reach of Asbury

The word Reach has come to signify Asbury’s desire to grow into a wonderful, Christ-centered future, but it can also describe how the word is getting out about the great things happening at Asbury.  Listen today for Pastor Kip’s story of how Asbury’s plans reached all the way to Carnegie Hall in New York.  You are part of an amazing story unfolding here at Asbury and the work you are a part of is recognized throughout the North American Methodist community.