Beam Us Up

Our new building is starting to take shape as the first steel beams are being erected. With the start of this phase of the project, we can begin to be more confident in a final completion date.

The bottom line is that we hope to celebrate next Easter in our new Sanctuary.

Here are the major phases of the project and the anticipated time frame for completion—all subject to normal weather and construction delays.

Steel erection: Underway now, complete by the end of June of 2017
Brick work: Starting in June, complete by October
Steeple erected: June
Sanctuary ceiling: Starting in June, complete by October
Interior finishing: Starting in October, complete by February of 2018
Pews installed: February of 2018
First Service: March of 2018

Memorials Update
The Memorials Committee will be visiting Sunday School classes and circulating a list of potential memorial gifts or honorariums ranging from helping complete the organ fund to endowing stained glass windows or pews and providing Bibles and hymnals for those pews.

Financial Update
The erection of the steel framework is not our only milestone. Giving to the Reach campaign has now crossed the $3 million threshold, more than halfway toward full pledged giving of $5 million! As we are now
into a very capital-intensive portion of our project, we need to ensure that everyone continues to be faithful in funding pledges. If you have not yet made a pledge, please know it’s not too late to be part of the next exciting chapter at Asbury. Pledge forms are located in the registration pads and are also available in the church office.

Now We’re Building Two New Sanctuaries!

The goodness of God and the generosity and giving spirit of Asbury are making great things possible. As you look out the window today you see tremendous progress being made in our expansion project. But you should also know about the second sanctuary being built with Asbury’s help.

Asbury has long supported the ministry of Wil Bailey, a missionary in Costa Rica. The building used for one of the churches he serves in an impoverished village has all but crumbled, and a new Sanctuary is desperately needed. Our Missions In Action (MIA) team is sending $14,000 to buy materials to build the building; church members will supply the labor. And in a remarkable show of faith and love, they are raising an additional $500-a huge sum given the poverty in which they live.

Since the early days of Asbury we have tithed to missions-a full ten percent of our non-designated giving goes to the MIA team to spread the love of Christ outside the walls of our church. How wonderful it is to know that as we erect a new facility to expand our ability to nurture the faith and expand our ministries at home, your giving has also made a similar miracle happen in Costa Rica.

Now for an update on our project. The athletic fields have been sodded and rolled, and with irrigation in place, they will provide a first class experience for Upward soccer and outdoor activities this fall.

You may also notice the hill behind the church is slowly disappearing. Dirt from the hill is being moved to fill in what will eventually be new parking on the side of the campus next to Doug Baker Boulevard. But first, that area will serve as the site for the construction trailers once site work is complete, hopefully by
October 1st-pray for good weather.

At that point, progress on the building itself will accelerate and become more visible. Foundation work will start for the new building in late fall and we should start erecting the steel skeleton for the new building sometime after the first of the year. We’re planning a memorable event to commemorate that milestone.

The amazing generosity of the Asbury family is making great things possible. As you see progress being made on the building, please remember that we are counting on the pledges you have made. The Reach campaign remains open and the level of new giving and pledges is a testament to the excitement we all feel. You can still become a part of this next chapter in Asbury’s growth-it’s not too late to become part of this exciting story.

If you feel called to direct funds to a specific need in our new building, the Memorials Committee has proposed a number of opportunities, ranging from an organ fund, which has already received substantial funding, to the large stained glass window, individual pews, or Bibles and hymnals. The Committee has shared a list of specific needs and information about them is available at the Information Desk near the Sanctuary and at the Information Table outside the Bridge service on the first floor.

Let’s Move Some Dirt!

Get your shovels and spades ready! We will be breaking ground for our new facility on Sunday, May 22nd at 9:45 AM.
We want everyone-members and visitors, young and no-so-young-to bring a shovel or spade and be a part of the mass groundbreaking that will mark the start of the next exciting chapter in Asbury’s wonderful history! We’re scheduling the churchwide groundbreaking for late May so everyone can have the opportunity to participate before we all scatter for vacation and summer activities.
Around the time of the groundbreaking you will see other exciting things happening around the church campus:
  •  Tree removal along Doug Baker Boulevard to re-route electrical service
  •  Site work to prepare the main parking addition which will serve as the site for construction trailers and equipment during construction
  •  Relocation of the athletic fields – which will be moving to the vacant land on the north side of the Hwy 119 entrance into our parking lot
To get a better idea of what’s ahead, check out the new site plan on the wall outside the Sanctuary.
Since the last OutReach Update our preliminary building and site plans have been approved by the District Board of Church Location and Building. On the financial side, we have been given a firm financing commitment by Servis1st Bank that will allow us to benefit from the current low-interest rate environment.
As we enter this exciting new phase of church growth and new ministry opportunities for Asbury, please be mindful of the need to maintain your faithful giving in fulfillment of your pledge to the Reach Campaign. And it’s never too late to make a pledge if you have not already done so. Pledge forms are available at the Information Desk and in the Gathering Area.
Do you have questions about the Reach Campaign or the new facility? Email any member of the Building Committee by clicking the link on the left.

Another Step Forward in Our New Building Plans

Want to know what our new building is expected to look like when it’s completed in late 2017? Take a look at the video screens around our campus! This week the Design Committee approved plans for the new sanctuary and we’ve put the current architect’s drawings up for you to see.

Those plans are for the outside of the building and the floor plan of the new sanctuary. The ground floor plans will be finalized later, after we complete an exhaustive review of ministry requirements. Our general contractor, Johnson Kreis Construction, and our architects, CTSM, are now in the process of securing initial pricing indications. Once we have those in hand we will be able to finalize the plans based on our budget and the building site.

Our current plans, subject to a final revision call for a sanctuary that will ultimately seat approximately 1,075 worshipers, which is an increase of approximately 80% over our current sanctuary seating. Our choir and orchestra space is expected to double, bringing total capacity to approximately 1,200 people.

We will be taking our financial and construction plans to the District Board of Church Location and Building tomorrow (March 28th). Then we will schedule the required church-wide Charge Conference so that we can share near-final plans and financial details with the congregation.

The most common questions asked after our last update were, “When will we start and what are the first steps?” If all goes as planned, we expect to hold a churchwide groundbreaking ceremony before school is out. As soon as vacation Bible school ends in early summer, you’ll see site work underway as we build new parking areas next to Doug Balter Drive. That is where construction trailers will sit during construction. At the same time we will build new athletic fields near where the entrance road from 119 comes into our existing parking lot. We need those fields ready for fall because the new building will be taking up the old athletic field space. And if all goes according to plan, the building itself will be started in early-to-mid fall. Pray for good weather!

Please continue to offer thoughts and comments to members of the Building Committee and the sub-Committees (listed on the back). With plans coming into greater focus, they will become more active in the coming months. We were asked about overlapping names on the Committees after our last update and we want to explain that most Building Committee members are serving in a variety of roles to ensure continuity. Individuals with special expertise are also working on Committees where their advice is playing a major role in ensuring that we are building something special to move Asbury forward in fulfilling God’s plan for our church and out congregation.

If you have further questions, please use the Questions or Comments? link on the left side of the site.