Beam Us Up

Our new building is starting to take shape as the first steel beams are being erected. With the start of this phase of the project, we can begin to be more confident in a final completion date.

The bottom line is that we hope to celebrate next Easter in our new Sanctuary.

Here are the major phases of the project and the anticipated time frame for completion—all subject to normal weather and construction delays.

Steel erection: Underway now, complete by the end of June of 2017
Brick work: Starting in June, complete by October
Steeple erected: June
Sanctuary ceiling: Starting in June, complete by October
Interior finishing: Starting in October, complete by February of 2018
Pews installed: February of 2018
First Service: March of 2018

Memorials Update
The Memorials Committee will be visiting Sunday School classes and circulating a list of potential memorial gifts or honorariums ranging from helping complete the organ fund to endowing stained glass windows or pews and providing Bibles and hymnals for those pews.

Financial Update
The erection of the steel framework is not our only milestone. Giving to the Reach campaign has now crossed the $3 million threshold, more than halfway toward full pledged giving of $5 million! As we are now
into a very capital-intensive portion of our project, we need to ensure that everyone continues to be faithful in funding pledges. If you have not yet made a pledge, please know it’s not too late to be part of the next exciting chapter at Asbury. Pledge forms are located in the registration pads and are also available in the church office.