Here Comes Our Steeple

One of the most visible signs of progress on our new building is arriving next week!

We expect our new steeple to arrive on Monday and, barring any construction or weather delays, it should be placed on top of the new Sanctuary on Wednesday.

The Steeple will be lifted in three sections: the base, the long, angled mast, and finally, the Cross—which will soar 160 feet high and give us new visibility as we seek to bring more people to Christ through Asbury.

The process will take most of the day, and it’s impossible to provide exact timing, but you are welcome to come to the Church and watch from a distance.

Financial Update
We are now well into the most capital intensive portion of our project, so it’s crucial that you remain faithful in fulfilling your pledge. Some donors have completed their pledges early, but sadly many donors
have not yet started to fund their pledge. Please stay current, or let the REACH team know if you need to adjust the amount or the timing of your pledge. Remember, it’s not too late to make a pledge or a one-time gift. Forms are located in the registration pads and also in the church office.