Let’s Move Some Dirt!

Get your shovels and spades ready! We will be breaking ground for our new facility on Sunday, May 22nd at 9:45 AM.
We want everyone-members and visitors, young and no-so-young-to bring a shovel or spade and be a part of the mass groundbreaking that will mark the start of the next exciting chapter in Asbury’s wonderful history! We’re scheduling the churchwide groundbreaking for late May so everyone can have the opportunity to participate before we all scatter for vacation and summer activities.
Around the time of the groundbreaking you will see other exciting things happening around the church campus:
  •  Tree removal along Doug Baker Boulevard to re-route electrical service
  •  Site work to prepare the main parking addition which will serve as the site for construction trailers and equipment during construction
  •  Relocation of the athletic fields – which will be moving to the vacant land on the north side of the Hwy 119 entrance into our parking lot
To get a better idea of what’s ahead, check out the new site plan on the wall outside the Sanctuary.
Since the last OutReach Update our preliminary building and site plans have been approved by the District Board of Church Location and Building. On the financial side, we have been given a firm financing commitment by Servis1st Bank that will allow us to benefit from the current low-interest rate environment.
As we enter this exciting new phase of church growth and new ministry opportunities for Asbury, please be mindful of the need to maintain your faithful giving in fulfillment of your pledge to the Reach Campaign. And it’s never too late to make a pledge if you have not already done so. Pledge forms are available at the Information Desk and in the Gathering Area.
Do you have questions about the Reach Campaign or the new facility? Email any member of the Building Committee by clicking the link on the left.