Make Your Mark!

Hundreds of us signed a beam that’s now in place above what will be the main entrance. Soon you’ll have another opportunity to make your mark on our new building. On September 10th you are invited to sign the main floor of the new Sanctuary after the 8:30 and 11:00 AM services. Besides signing the floor, you’ll get a great sense of how wonderful our new sanctuary will be when it’s complete. And we are still expecting it to be completed in time for Easter services in 2018.

Construction Update

We’ve made great progress over the summer. Take a look at where we are right now, but know all dates are subject to normal weather and construction delays.

Steel erection:  Complete!

Brick work:  Underway, complete by December

Steeple: Ordered. Arrives and is erected in October

Sanctuary ceiling:  Underway, complete by November

Interior finishing:  Starting in November, complete by February 2018

Pews installed:  February 2018

First Service:  March 2018

Memorials Update

Generous donors have gone above their initial REACH commitments to fully fund our new stained glass windows. The greatest need now is the Organ Fund. Soon you’ll be hearing more about the wonderful state-of-the-art organ we’re installing and how you can help make it a reality. Opportunities are also available to fund pews and provide Bibles and hymnals for those pews.

Financial Update

We are now well into the most capital intensive portion of our project, so it’s crucial that you remain faithful in fulfilling your pledge. Some donors have completed their pledges early, but sadly many donors have not yet started to fund their pledge. Please stay current, or let the REACH team know if you need to adjust the amount or the timing of your pledge. Remember, it’s not too late to make a pledge or a one-time gift. Forms are located in the registration pads and also in the church office.