Now We’re Building Two New Sanctuaries!

The goodness of God and the generosity and giving spirit of Asbury are making great things possible. As you look out the window today you see tremendous progress being made in our expansion project. But you should also know about the second sanctuary being built with Asbury’s help.

Asbury has long supported the ministry of Wil Bailey, a missionary in Costa Rica. The building used for one of the churches he serves in an impoverished village has all but crumbled, and a new Sanctuary is desperately needed. Our Missions In Action (MIA) team is sending $14,000 to buy materials to build the building; church members will supply the labor. And in a remarkable show of faith and love, they are raising an additional $500-a huge sum given the poverty in which they live.

Since the early days of Asbury we have tithed to missions-a full ten percent of our non-designated giving goes to the MIA team to spread the love of Christ outside the walls of our church. How wonderful it is to know that as we erect a new facility to expand our ability to nurture the faith and expand our ministries at home, your giving has also made a similar miracle happen in Costa Rica.

Now for an update on our project. The athletic fields have been sodded and rolled, and with irrigation in place, they will provide a first class experience for Upward soccer and outdoor activities this fall.

You may also notice the hill behind the church is slowly disappearing. Dirt from the hill is being moved to fill in what will eventually be new parking on the side of the campus next to Doug Baker Boulevard. But first, that area will serve as the site for the construction trailers once site work is complete, hopefully by
October 1st-pray for good weather.

At that point, progress on the building itself will accelerate and become more visible. Foundation work will start for the new building in late fall and we should start erecting the steel skeleton for the new building sometime after the first of the year. We’re planning a memorable event to commemorate that milestone.

The amazing generosity of the Asbury family is making great things possible. As you see progress being made on the building, please remember that we are counting on the pledges you have made. The Reach campaign remains open and the level of new giving and pledges is a testament to the excitement we all feel. You can still become a part of this next chapter in Asbury’s growth-it’s not too late to become part of this exciting story.

If you feel called to direct funds to a specific need in our new building, the Memorials Committee has proposed a number of opportunities, ranging from an organ fund, which has already received substantial funding, to the large stained glass window, individual pews, or Bibles and hymnals. The Committee has shared a list of specific needs and information about them is available at the Information Desk near the Sanctuary and at the Information Table outside the Bridge service on the first floor.